Events for September 12, 2022 – Golden Sierra

Job One – Strategies for the 50+ year Old

SEPTEMBER 12 @ 9:00am - 12:30pm TOPIC:  Strategies for the 50+ year Old Our goal at Job One is to help each Job Seeker to communicate their skills and qualifications […]

Chat with a Counselor from Department of Rehabilitation!

A Vocational Rehabilitation Counselor from the Roseville Department of Rehabilitation (DOR) office will be live on zoom! Department of Rehabilitation and Golden Sierra Job Training Agency partner to provide people […]

Placer School for Adults – Excel 2019

EXCEL 2019 Students will learn to track data, use formulas and functions, create and format charts, organize large worksheets, and more. Each class will be a combination of direct instruction […]

Placer School for Adults-Microsoft Office

MICROSOFT OFFICE APPLICATIONS FOR THE WORKPLACE This is a beginning, entry-level computer and software class with a focus on today’s common Office applications (word processing, spreadsheets, charting data, databases, and […]