Are you in career transition? Golden Sierra can help.

We serve individuals in career transition through our network of job centers. Each job center offers a wide variety of employment-related resources at no cost to you. Whether you are looking for a job or preparing for a career change our friendly and supportive staff will help you develop a customized success plan.

First, without the training you are providing I do not believe they would have offered me the PM position. Mr. G [the owner] has held these same certifications for several years, so the value they bring to the table is immense. He can have confidence that he and I will have the same frame of reference for managing projects, and that I will be able to implement his vision accurately and effectively. Thanks to you, I got a promotion before I was even hired. Second, in my darkest hours, you were there to light a way forward and give me a reason to hope. You have no idea how much your support, understanding, and encouragement has altered the trajectory of my life. Despite my vocabulary and communication skills, I lack the ability to express how profoundly grateful I am. I want you to take a moment, sit back, and feel really good about yourself. I insist. You are heroes. You saved a life.
Gregory F.