Golden Sierra can assist you in gaining valuable work experience.

We have relationships with many area businesses who offer specialized training. If you are currently in school, we can help you further your career goals over the summer with an internship or paid work experience.

For young people who are out of school, we can help you find on the job training to learn a trade and get started on your career. We can also help you get scholarships to local accredited educational programs for career training.

To find out more contact your local center or call/text 916-896-4918.

In a nutshell, Golden Sierra made participation in the program unexpectedly easy for employers, which was a huge relief for me as a small business owner. What I didn’t appreciate until later in the process was how much the reimbursement actually helped to offset the cost of training a new employee, particularly a first employee.
Isabel Domeyko TaylorNew Economics & Advisory