Disability Employment Accelerator Round 2

Golden Sierra Job Training Agency awarded $150,000  to promote employment opportunities for persons with disabilities (PWDs), eliminate sub minimum wage placements, and transform the employer’s perspective about the capabilities of PWDs. Employers need access to a skilled and reliable talent pool. This project continue to build upon the successes of previous awards and will provide PWDs the opportunity to gain valuable work experience and demonstrate their ability to obtain competitive and integrated employment within the Golden Sierra region.


Disability Employment Accelerator

The Employment Development Department (EDD), in coordination with the California Workforce Investment Board (CWIB) and the California Labor and Workforce Development Agency (LWDA), awarded Golden Sierra $166,000  in Workforce Investment Act (WIA) discretionary funds to design, develop, and implement projects that accelerate employment and re-employment strategies for people with disabilities (PWDs).

Building on Golden Sierra’s historical success in serving the PWD population the DEA grant will allow Golden Sierra to provide solutions to some of the most difficult challenges that are keeping PWDs in the region from achieving success in jobs and careers. With the additional DEA funding, GS will be able to refine and develop greater coordination with DOR, PIRS, Crossroads, PRIDE, Goodwill, CalWORKs, Employment Development Department, More, Probation, local businesses and apprenticeships through “earn and learn” engagements such as On-the-Job Training (OJT), Work Experience (WEX) and other subsidized wage initiatives. GS will also be able to identify and accelerate existing skills through pre-employment workshops. In addition, attainment of industry-valued credentials and customer service training will be offered to increase employer access to a highly-trained, qualified, culturally-competent workforce.


The mission of Project SlingShot is to strengthen the Capital Region’s Innovation Ecosystem and to spur economic growth and job creation. The Capital Region’s SlingShot initiative will advance regional economic prosperity and improve income mobility. The Capital Region’s SlingShot initiative addresses a key priority of the region’s cluster-based economic strategy Next Economy. Innovative businesses – both start-ups and more established firms – increase economic productivity, making rising wages and income mobility possible. Through SlingShot, the Capital Region Coalition will develop and implement a strategy for increasing the region’s capacity to innovate while ensuring the residents are prepared to access new workforce opportunities being created.

Veteran’s National Emergency Grant (NEG) Funding

Golden Sierra partnered with Sacramento Employment and Training Agency (SETA) and Sacramento Works to apply and receive a National Emergency Grant (NEG) to provide wages to veterans who have trained in the healthcare field yet remain unemployed. The grant will allow Golden Sierra to supply $50,000 in wages to employers within the three county Golden Sierra region who elect to hire and train those who served our country. Interested employers or veterans should contact us here. We will respond promptly.Veterans_Healthcare_Flyer