Recognizing Businesses

Golden Sierra plays an active role on the Northern California Business Advisory Council (BAC). The BAC has been working to meet the workforce needs of local businesses since 2015. The Council has hosted events featuring businesses that share successful experiences meeting qualified applicants who have disabilities, discussing the excellent work of the employees and the supports they have received at no cost through our partner support agencies.

The BAC recently hosted the Business Recognition Ceremony at The California Endowment Center to honor leaders of the business community who have developed inclusive hiring practices that have strengthened their workforce and increased their productivity.

Sacramento County Superior Court Judge David DeAlba spoke about his belief in inclusive hiring and the importance of diversity. They are creating a system which recognizes peoples differing abilities and strengths and how they all fit within their business model. He also spoke about the wider need and sharing this with other areas to help it spread throughout the court system.

Judge David DeAlba spoke about his belief in inclusive hiring and the importance of diversity

Joseph Carresco and Johnny Smith, also from the Sacramento County Superior Court, spoke about the logistics of working with community partners (Alta Regional, Department of Rehabilitation and America’s Job Centers) and changing hiring practices to become more inclusive. Their first hire started this week and they will come back to share progress as the program unfolds.

Golden Sierra looks forward to continuing to support the BAC in helping local business share their successes and strategies across the region.