Workshop Descriptions

To attend our workshops, check the calendar for dates and registration information.

Resume Development
A well-written résumé and cover letter will help you secure interviews and future employment. Learn the basics of writing these documents and explore the difference between chronological, functional, combination, and electronic résumé formats. Examples will be provided and discussed in detail.

In this workshop you will learn how to create your professional “brand” in order to convey a consistent message throughout the job search process. We will help you prepare for the job you want and help you create your resume, cover letter, 30 second introduction, interview responses, portfolio, business card, and more. You will also learn how to build your network of contacts to help you further explore careers and search for jobs.

Interviewing Strategies
This workshop will help you prepare for your next interview. Perform better by knowing what to expect and how to respond. We will cover frequently asked questions, behavioral questions, professional dress, and thank you notes.

Department of Rehabilitation (DOR)
An Employment Coordinator from the Department of Rehabilitation (DOR) will be at the job center, taking one-on-one appointments, to assist you with the DOR application process. The Employment Coordinator can also help you understand the menu of services that might be available to you.

What Career is Right for Me?
In this career planning workshop you’ll get expert advice and practical tips to meet your academic and career goals. This workshop is ideal for individuals making a career transition or looking for direction. We’ll help you catalog your transferable skills and show you how to use web-based resources to find the job you really want.

Personalized Resume Critique
Get practical tips and advice from a resume expert. When you sign-up for this service you’ll meet one-on-one with a counselor who will review your current resume and make suggestions for improvement. A typical appointment is 15-30 minutes.

Meet the PC: Windows 10
This introductory computer workshop will help you become acquainted with the personal computer (PC). You will learn basic computer terminology and understand the difference between the hardware and software components of a personal computing system. This workshop will also cover basic navigation in the Windows 10 operating environment (this is the latest operating system available to the public).

Meet the PC: File Management
After you attend “Meet the PC,” register for this workshop to further explore the file management subsystem in the Windows 10 operating system. Learn about specific storage areas including the hard drive, USB removable storage devices, CDs/DVDs, and “the cloud.” At the end of this workshop you will be able to better manage your files and use file management commands such as Save, Save As, Delete, Restore, Rename, etc.

Microsoft Word
This 2-part computer workshop will help you create visually appealing documents using Word 2016 (an application within the Microsoft Office suite). You will learn about the Word Ribbon interface and how to use it in order to create documents and edit the contents.

Microsoft Excel
This 2-part computer workshop will help you create spreadsheets and more easily work with numbers using Excel 2016 (an application within the Microsoft Office suite). You will learn how to create a simple spreadsheet and apply basic math functions to automatically perform certain calculations.

This 2-part computer workshop will answer basic questions about using the Internet and creating/sending e-mail. You will learn about web browsers, search engines, and web mail systems. Each participant will create a new Gmail account in class for the purpose of learning how to compose messages and attach files to an e-mail.

CalJOBS: Overview
If you’re new to CalJOBS this overview workshop will introduce you to the most important features including the Dashboard, Background Wizard, Resume Builder, and Virtual Recruiter. We will teach you to navigate this comprehensive website as you search for future employment and training opportunities.

CalJOBS: Self-Assessment
It’s important to understand how your interests, skills, and values influence your decisions about work. This workshop will introduce you to a variety of career assessments designed to help you find your next career. You will have the opportunity to take the assessments in class and review the results in a small-group setting.

CalJOBS: Resume Builder
Did you know that CalJOBS has a tool designed to help you create a visually appealing resume? In this workshop you’ll get hands-on assistance from qualified instructors and will have the opportunity to start building your online resume.

CalJOBS: Virtual Recruiter
It’s exhausting to look for work. This workshop will introduce you to a tool designed to automatically search for job leads based on your desired criteria. It searches 24/7 and can alert you via text or email when a match becomes available.