Golden Sierra Awarded Tech Preparedness Funding

The Capital Area Regional Planning Unit (RPU) a partnership of Golden Sierra, Sacramento Employment and Training Agency (SETA), Yolo Co and North Central Counties Consortium (NCCC)  was awarded $66,000 from Round 2 of “Slingshot” to help address the issues associated with technology on the workforce.  The Round 2 funding supports the overall Slingshot objective of income mobility and further supports the collective work of the four Workforce Boards in the RPU.  The funding will be used to convene four “Technology Preparedness Forums”, one in each of the respective Workforce Areas.  The forums will provide an opportunity for leaders from the Region’s critical industry clusters to share information directly with workforce development professionals regarding the impacts of technology on the workforce.  The forums should help shape the scope of services provided to job seekers throughout the workforce development system.

The Slingshot funding is part of an ongoing initiative of the California State Workforce Development Board with a focus on income mobility.


SS Funding Request Capital Region

Golden Sierra to Receive $175,000 for Work Based Learning Opportunities for Persons with Disabilities

The Golden Sierra Disability Employment Accelerator (DEA) project plans to establish 20 work-based learning opportunities that will lead to long-term employment, good wages, and a career ladder. Golden Sierra’s business engagement and case management teams will work closely with employers in high demand industry clusters to build relationships that result in individualized referrals of qualified participants. Scholarships for occupational skills training will be considered on a case-by-case basis. To ensure the support of the employers and to improve employment retention, the DEA project plan will also include a business education component. Workshops and seminars designed for businesses will explain the value of hiring, training, and retaining PWD. Retention efforts will also be supported by 12 months of follow-up services for the participant. Follow-up services include individualized counseling regarding workplace issues and may include the continued development of learning skills, communication skills, and professional conduct skills.

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Disability Employment Accelerator Round 2

Golden Sierra Job Training Agency awarded $150,000  to promote employment opportunities for persons with disabilities (PWDs), eliminate sub minimum wage placements, and transform the employer’s perspective about the capabilities of PWDs. Employers need access to a skilled and reliable talent pool. This project continue to build upon the successes of previous awards and will provide PWDs the opportunity to gain valuable work experience and demonstrate their ability to obtain competitive and integrated employment within the Golden Sierra region.


Veteran’s National Emergency Grant (NEG) Funding

Golden Sierra partnered with Sacramento Employment and Training Agency (SETA) and Sacramento Works to apply and receive a National Emergency Grant (NEG) to provide wages to veterans who have trained in the healthcare field yet remain unemployed. The grant will allow Golden Sierra to supply $50,000 in wages to employers within the three county Golden Sierra region who elect to hire and train those who served our country. Interested employers or veterans should contact us here. We will respond promptly.Veterans_Healthcare_Flyer


Golden Sierra Job Training Agency, in collaboration with the Capital Region MC3 (Multi-Craft Core Curriculum) partnership, wins a state grant funded through Proposition 39. The grant will allow the provision of State Approved Pre-Apprenticeship Certification to California Conservation Corp members, Opportunity Youth (18-26) and Veterans under age 26. The award also allows for the use of hiring incentives in the Construction and Energy Efficiency Sector.

See the Capital Region’s full proposal here.Capital Region MC3 Strategy