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Employers in every industry sector are looking for skilled workers to help them compete in the global economy. If you need training to secure a stable job with good wages, apply for a scholarship at your local job center. Scholarships can be used for either classroom training or on-the-job training – either way; you will be more prepared for the career you want.

Not sure if training is right for you? That’s ok. Golden Sierra staff are specially trained to help you identify your current skills, evaluate the labor market, and explore your training options. Eligible individuals can receive one-on-one career planning and case management services at no cost.

Thanks to Golden Sierra for making it possible for us to have hopes and dreams again. You have helped turn hopelessness to hopefulness! I certainly hope that Golden Sierra continues to be there for a long time so that they can continue helping others who have lost their jobs due to the economy.
Dennis N.

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